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Meritage Energy Partners, LLC ("MECO I")  was formed in 2001 and sold to a private oil & gas concern in January, 2006.  MECO I was capitalized with investments by Mr. Corley, Mr. Winegrad and Quantum Energy Partners, Fund I.  Wells Fargo, N.A. was MEP's senior lender.  MECO I was focused in Wyoming and Colorado and was an acquire and exploit strategy.  Its assets were mature oil fields.
MECO II was formed in 2006 by Mr. Corley and Mr. Winegrad.  In addition to their investment, the initial equity capitalization was provided by Wells Fargo, N.A. and several high net worth individuals, the majority of whom are or were involved in the oil & gas industry, having built successful companies themselves.  MECO II was built with a combination of acquisitions and "bolt on" lease acquisitions.  The primary area of focus was the Wolfberry play in the Midland Basin of West Texas.  MECO II's assets were sold to Berry Petroleum in 2010 for $126 million.
MECO III was formed in 2010 after the sale of MECO II's assets to Berry Petroleum.  MECO III was seeded with approximately 3,000 acres that were acquired by MECO II but excluded from the sale.  All of the investors in MECO II are investors in MECO III.  MECO III is focused exclusively on the Wolfberry Play.







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